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Welcome to Gorna Kuwani Maa Chehar !

Ma Cheher fulfills the desire of those devotees who pray and have faith from the deepest roots of their hearts. Devotees suffering from physical problem, for e.g. cancer and other medical problems are cured by medicine and blessings of Maa Cheher. Devotee Couple, who didn't have child even after years of marriage, were blessed by Maa Cheher and now they have child. Devotees who take resolves (Manayat) or perform Vrat(Upvas) of Maa Cheher, from their purest heart, all their desires are fulfilled and they are blessed with happiness, in their business they attain prosperity. Marriages of devotees are easily done without facing any problem. Alcoholic drink is prohibited to the devotee who wants to visit Maa cheher temple.


Future Planning of Mataji Temple:

Maa Cheher Temple has a vision and plan to construct Hospital, School for under privilege Children and Goshala(Cow Home).  Every Devotee of Maa cheher are blessed by Mataji.

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